About Us

Vision & Mission

LFA's vision is to become a "football academy for the people" where it is fully self-sustainable and economically viable through a strong bastion of community support.

LFA's mission is to create a tightly bonded family-like community based on their love for football and the club through the following:

Dedicated programs for children with special needs / lower income family, bonding through regular social football sessions and social media interaction, structured youth football training with a personal touch

Training Program
  • 2015 Term 3

    1 Aug to 23 Oct (10 weeks)
    No training on national day weekend

  • 2015 Term 4

    24 Oct to 23 Dec (9 weeks)
    No training on christmas weekend

  • Dec Holiday Camp

    1 Dec to 3 Dec (3 days)

  • 2016 Term 1

    2 Jan to 18 Mar (10 weeks)
    No training on CNY weekend

  • 2016 Term 2

    19 Mar to 27 May (10 weeks)
    Training every weekend

  • June Holiday Term

    28 May to 24 June (4 weeks)

  • June Holiday Camp

    31 May to 2 June (3 days)

  • 2016 Term 3

    25 June to 2 Sept (10 weeks)

  • 2016 Term 4

    3 Sept to 11 Nov (10 weeks)

  • 2016 Year End Term

    12 Nov to 23 Dec (6 weeks)


Home United Youth Football Academy, 8 Mattar Road, S387727


ITE College Central, 2 Ang Mo Kio Drive, S567720
(Just off CTE exit AMK Ave 5)


SAFRA Tampines, 1A Tampines St 92, S528882

East Coast

East Coast Sports Planet, 1020, East Coast Park Service Road, S449878 (Beside Burger King)

  • East Coast Sports Planet

    Day / Age Group / Time Slots Sat / U4, U6, U8, U10 / 9am - 10.30am

    SAFRA Tampines

    Day / Age Group / Time Slots Sat / Elite / 3pm - 4.30pm Sat / Goalkeeper / 3pm - 4.30pm Sat / U4, U6, U8, U10, U12 / 5pm - 6.30pm

  • ITE Ang Mo Kio

    Day / Age Group / Time Slots Sun / U8, U10, U12 / 9.30am - 11am Sun / Elite / 3pm - 4.30pm Sun / Goalkeeper / 3pm - 4.30pm Sun / U4, U6, U8, U10, U12 / 5pm - 6.30pm

    HYFA (Mattar Road)

    Day / Age Group / Time Slots Tue / U6, U8, U10, U12 / 6.30pm - 8pm Sat / U12, U14 / 4pm - 5.30pm Sat / U14, U16, U18 / 5.30pm - 7pm

Public Registration

  • Registration Fee
    (1 time)

    $50 Includes jersey, shorts and socks

  • Deposit

    $50 To be refunded upon player leaving the club

  • Coaching Fees
    (pay as you play)

    $40 / session Come as and when, pay before each session

  • Coaching Fees
    (selected sessions in a term)

    $35 / session Sign up for partial, selected dates in a term.

  • Coaching Fees
    (every session in a term)

    $32 / session Sign up for full term.

  • Coaching Fees
    (additional sessions)

    $25 / session Signed up for full term and attends extra sessions

  • Tan Li Yu

    AKA Coach Li. Strict disciplinarian and well known for his loud booming voice. Coach Li specializes in coaching the younger students from age 3 to 8.

  • John Morrison

    AKA Coach John. Everybody loves Coach John. His sessions are fun and full of laughter. Definitely the most well loved coach in LFA by the kids!

  • Douglas Gillies

    AKA Coach Doug. Best known for his knack of bringing out the best in his teams in competitive tournaments, Coach Doug is the man who can lead Stoke City to a title finish!

  • Khairullah Dzulkiflee

    AKA Coach Khai. Our very own "Italy" boy. Coach Khai's passion for football is unrivalled and often goes beyond his call of duty for his students!

  • Gaelan Poh

    AKA Coach Gaelan. Born and bred from the inception of FAA, Coach Gaelan has acquired a big following amoungst long standing students of LFA.

  • Samawira Basri

    AKA Coach Wira. His stare will send shivers down your spine. A no nonsense coach who was Singapore's flying winger in the late 90's, Coach Wira is definitely the most well respected coach in LFA.

  • Ashraf Ariffin

    AKA Coach Achap. Full of love and passion for his boys, students adore Coach Achap for his candid and frank style of coaching. The only coach in LFA still actively playing in the NFL!

  • Clement Lim

    AKA Coach Clement. Coach Clement is the newest member of the LFA family. He is fun loving and full of energy. Definitely a coach to look out for in the near future!

Community Programs

Children with Special Needs

Dedicated football sessions for children with special needs , program designed in consultancy with professional special needs education providers, on-site special needs therapist support during football sessions

Lower Income Families

Children from lowed income families can apply for the Financial Assistance Scheme to fund their training with LFA, the scheme will be co-funded by Corporate sponsors and LFA, tie Up with Beyond Social Services

Residents of Ang Mo Kio

Free 1 hour weekly football sessions for residents of Ang Mo Kio at ITE CC , focus is on health, fitness and family bonding, sessions to be led and organized by qualified football instructors , quarterly football matches with coaches from LFA